CBE centennial postcard

BS 1951

ChE 1958 After 38 years with Kodak retired as Director of Manufacturing in their Brazilian plant. Married Mary Emig (Mil Ball Court) 1951.
We have two sons - an airline pilot and a doctor. Was awarded the last professional Chemical Engineer degree granted by the Dept. in 1958.

PhD 1975 1975 to 1983: Chemical Engineering Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.

1983 to 1985: Chemical Engineering Department, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
1986 to Date: Chemical Engineering Department, Hampton University, Hampton, VA.
One daughter, one son and one granddaughter.

PhD 1975

After I graduated from UW in 1975, I started working at the Chemical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. In 1983, I came to the University of Kentucky Chemical Engineering Department for my sabbatical leave as a Visiting Associate Professor. In 1986, I joined Hampton University and had been instrumental in the startup of a Chemical Engineering Department there. I teach and work on research on catalytic reactions. I have two children: my daughter, Alkim, who was born in Madison when I was a student, has become an Electrical Engineer and got her Ph.D. in that area; my son, Aydin, is a sophomore at Virginia Tech in Electrical Engineering, too.

BS 1969

After graduation I worked for Olin Corp. at Badger Army Ammunition Plant, Baraboo, WI. In October, 1970 J. Edgar Hoover hired me as a special agent with the FBI. After 32 years with the FBI in California and Colorado I realized that I was not cut out for government work and retired. I am now a private investigator and security consultant.


BS 1984 Since graduating, I have held positions in semiconductor, LCD, solid state lasers, and catalytic systems fields. I have managed groups across the globe in manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, and R&D. I have been involved in two start-ups using technology developed at the college of engineering, the latest (Virent Energy Systems), from Chemical Engineering.

BS 1955
MS 1959
PhD 1962

Chevron Corporation in San Francisco, CA 1962-1995.
Moved back to Wisconsin in 2002.

BS 1957

Don Baldovin spent his early years in Hurley, Wisconsin, graduating from the Hurley High School in 1953. He attended UW-Madison, graduating with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering in 1957. He joined Standard Oil Company (Indiana), which later changed its name to Amoco Corporation and was merged into BP p.l.c. in 1999. While employed with Amoco, he earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago in 1962. After a 41-year career at various locations throughout the world--Chicago, New York, London, Tehran, Denver and Houston--with a series of positions in planning, economics, finance and administration--he retired in 1998 as Vice President, Finance and Business Support, Worldwide Exploration Business Group. He resides in Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

BS 1962

My BS Che education provided me with the background and tools to achieve a very successful career. I also obtained a Judicial Doctorate from American University-Washington College of Law. I then became in house counsel at Eastman Kodak for over 25 years specializing in Patent Procurement and Patent Litigation matters, and as Director of Licensing and Technology Development. After early retirement from EK in 1991, I became Executive Vice President, General Counsel and a member of the Board of a start-up pharmaceutical drug delivery company in Chantilly Va. Thanks to my engineering background I became an inventor of over 25 patents while at this company which company was subsequently acquired. Most recently I have practiced intellectual property law at a law firm in the Washington DC area. I am married to Louise and have a daughter and a son and 5 grandchildren.

BS 1966
MS 1967

Been down the road, rung the bell, and came back. More details later.

BS 1959

Graduated BS ChE'59, joining American Can Company - Neenah. Held positions in R&D, Product Development and Process Engineering.

In '73 switched careers to sales, promoting drying systems nationwide for Tec Systems, Inc. Presented seminars and technical papers to TAPPI. Handled Midwest Regional Sales of latex binders for Celanese Corp (later purchased by UNOCAL) in the paper and converting industries.

Founded Aquecs, Inc. in '85, and purchased Cross & Oberlie Screen Printing. The company was recently awarded 2005 Small Business of the Year Award by Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce. Still remains active in the business.

With wife Pat (UW '61), now retired high school teacher, resides on Lake Winnebago. Father to two boys and granddad to four, still enjoys Church committees, waterfowl hunting, bicycling in Midwest and Europe, and Master Swimming.

BS 1957
MS Univ of Mich 1959 in Nucl Engr.

Worked @ Allis Chalmers on BWR's then @ Westinghouse on PWR's for 10yrs. Received PhD in Nucl Engr @ Purdue in 1972. Worked @ Argonne Nat Lab for 28 yrs on Fast Breeder Reactors- retired in 1999. Co-authored "Introductory Nuclear Reactor Statics" textbook in 1989. Married with two children.

BS 1955

Joined Fisher Governor Marshalltown, on 6/55 grad. Moved to Milwaukee with Factory Mutual Engr Div'n and then joined Fischer & Porter in Detriot, MI as instrumentation Sales Mgr. Rejoined the Factory Mutuals with Protection Mutual Ins. Co; moved to Milw. & founded U.S. Counseling Services in '68 as a Commercial Ins broker. This became Instrument Maintenance Ins.& Contracting for hospital & pharmaceutical instruments. I sold the company in 4/04 to Thermo Electron Corp. Dorothy & I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary at Yellowstone Park, 50 years after getting my UW degree, with our children, Susan, a high school biology teacher, Chris, marketing mgr; David, MD and researcher at Johns Hopkins, spouses, children and great grandson, also with my 2 sisters and spouses. A very satisfying 50 years provided by the great opportunities of a UW CHE education.

BS 1944

B.S. (ChE) 1944; J-D 1949 (Wisconsin).
U.S. Navy 1944-1946
Procter & Gamble 1949-1960 Patent Division
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation - Patent Counsel 1960-1988;
Emeritus Counsel and Consultant 1988-Present
Active in: State Bar of Wisconsin - Intellectual Property; Wis. Intellectual Property Association; American Intellectual Property Association; American Bar Association; Association of University Technology Managers; Council on Governmental Relations; Office of Technology Assessment; Advisory Commission on Patent Law Reform; Co-Author and Proponent for University-Related Intellectual Property Legislation.

BS 1956

Dr. Duane F. Bruley, P.E., Prof Emeritus, Coll of Engr, UMBC. Pre-Engr at UW-Eau Claire (51-52), BS-ChE (Wis., 56), ORSORT (Oak Ridge School of Reactor Tech-Nuclear Engr, 57), MS-ME (Stanford, 59), PhD-ChE (Tennessee, 62). Emp at Oak Ridge Nat’l Lab, was ChE Prof at Clemson U, Head of ChE Dept at Tulane U, VP of Acad Affairs at Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech, Head of Biomed Engr and Dir of the Rehab Ctr at Louisiana Tech U, Dean of Engr at Cal Poly State U (SLO), 1st Sect Head of Bioengr at NSF, 1st Dean of the Coll of Engr at UMBC. Vis. Res Prof in the ChE Dept at Princeton U (1970) and U of Minnesota (1997). Served as Distinguished Speaker on Bioengr for ASME and AIChE. Served as contract consultant for many top companies and med univs. Over 180 publ and hundreds of speaking engagements. Selected for Alumni Distinguished Service Award by UW-Eau Claire (1992) and elected to Chippewa Falls, WHS Wall of Fame (2004). Served as head varsity tennis coach at U of Tenn, Clemson U, and Tulane U.

BS 1957

Worked 40 years for Cargill Inc., Minneapolis, MN. Retired in 1997. Have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Live on a farm in central Minnesota in the summer and Sedona, Arizona in the winter. Married Harriette Haelig, class of 1957, Univ. of Wisconsin.

BS 1956

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1956) with a degree in chemical engineering, I worked in scientific positions for over forty years at B. F. Goodrich Chemical (Avon Lake, OH and Calvert City, KY), Stauffer Chemical (Delaware City, DE), and Olin Corp. (Fall River, MA, New Haven CT and Cheshire, CT). My work involved plastics (polymers and monomers), water treatment (especially chemicals and devices for swimming pools), and packaging. Sixteen U.S. patents were obtained. After retiring, I worked as a consultant and chauffeured grandchildren. In 1959, I married Joanne Hagedorn from Bay Village, OH. We have two children and four grandchildren. Other: served in U.S. Army, church activities, volunteer work, coached youth sports, sports fan and participant, ran many road races including marathons (Boston 1984, New York 1986, and Washington D.C. 1987) and am still running.

Professor Emeritus

After retiring from UW in 1999, I worked for six years as a Program Director at NSF. Now retired again, my wife and I will move to Queretaro, Mexico, in October as Peace Corps volunteers. We will be assigned to work in CONACyT research labs in a program that is novel and unique for Peace Corps. This program engages more senior, experienced individuals to help with industrial development.

PhD 1984

Ph.D.(1984) with Prof. W. Harmon Ray as Academic Advisor. B.S. and M.S. from Seoul National University in Korea; Currently Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Maryland in College Park, MD, since March, 1984; Areas of research interests: Polymer reaction engineering; Received NSF PYI Award, Wash. Acad. of Sci. Eng. Award, LG Research Award; Member, Korean Academy of Sci. and Technology; Member, National Academy of Eng of Korea; Living in suburban Washington; Peter (son, born in Madison) is US Patent Examiner, Jennifer (daughter) is sophomore at U of Maryland; Eun Ryang is a lovely and dedicated wife and mother; all Catholics; web: www.ench.umd.edu/~choi
Golf handicap: 15

PhD 1987

Worked in the role of Technical Manager for DuPont/ConAgra joint venture from 1988-1994, developing process technology for a semi-works scale lactic acid test facility. Founded KiwiChem in 1994 to develop separation and reaction technologies for low MW chemicals, primarily biobased such as lactic acid, BioPDO, and isosorbide. Ten patent families filed or issued so far. 2000 ft2 lab in the UW-Research Park. Increasingly active in conservation and renewables, in New Zealand and Ecuador as well as the USA. Usual complement of skiing, windsurfing, climbing, biking, travel, friends, family, music, dance, etc.

PhD 1985

Married Paula Novitski (BS ChE 1982) prior to leaving Madison. Have been at 3M in various technical research positions since graduation. We have two children (ages 14 and 17) who keep us very busy. Enjoy biking, skiing, snowboarding, and native plant gardening.

PhD 1998

After completing my Ph.D. in 1998, I worked for 6 years in Philadelphia at ATOFINA Chemicals. I started out developing low-emissivity and other optical and electronic coatings on glass via chemical vapor deposition, but ended up spending more time representing their technical interests with both the U.S. and international governments with regards to window and building energy performance standards.
In 2004, we left the east coast to settle in La Crosse, Wisconsin where my wife accepted an anesthesiologist position at Gundersen-Lutheran Hospital. I started my own consulting company, Birch Point Consulting, in which I continue to represent the interests of different companies in the areas of energy efficient window performance, building code development, and interaction with government. It's a strange mix of engineering and politics.
On a personal note, we are extremely happy to be back in beautiful Wisconsin, and we are expecting our first children (twins) this fall!

PhD 1978

After receiving my PhD from Wisconsin, I moved to Rochester, New York, to begin a career in chemical process research and development. From 1978-1981, I worked fro Eastman Kodak. In 1981, I left Kodak and began working for 3M, where I am now a Senior Research Specialist. During the past 27 years, I have had the pleasure and good fortune to be able to work on projects that have used nearly all the skills I learned in school as well as given me the chance to learn many new ones. Projects have included development of crystallization methods, batch process control, emulsion polymerization, Ziegler-Natta polymerization, micro filtration, and nanoparticle synthesis. I enjoy introducing others to the science, and am a 3M Visiting Wizard. I do demonstrations in cryogenics, light and color, air and vacuum, and simply machines. I have lost track of exactly how many young students have seen my shows, but the number is probably nearing 1500. While in Madison, I met my future wife, Shellie Specter. We were married in 1979, and have two sons. Alan attends Harvey Mudd College and Marc will be a senior in high school. We enjoy traveling and have been to many places in the US, Canada, England, and France. For recreation, I walk read, play piano, and sing.

PhD 1975

PhD was in laser interrogation of chemical reactions. In time this evolved to studies of combustion chemistry. After years at Sandia Livermore Combustion Research Facility, obtained a Faculty position at a Mechanical Engineering Department, Berkeley, where I obtained a BS degree in Chemical Engineering. Still doing lasers, still doing chemical reactions.

MS 1986

1959 Born Holzmaden/Germany,
1979 Enroll at University Stuttgart, Germany - Processing Technology (Verfahrenstechnik),
1982 1-year DAAD-sponsored exchange to UW ChE via "Stuttgart-connection" (Prof.Gilles/Zeitz),
1984 Married to Mayra/Bruni in Madison,
1986 MS ChE, UW-Madison (Prof. Hughes),
1987 Diplom Engineering Degree, University Stuttgart,
1987-1992 Fichtner Consulting Engineers, Stuttgart, Germany,
1992-Present: Alstom Power, Environmental Control Systems: Various functions in R&D and Process Engineering in the area of gaseous flue gas cleaning (mainly SO2, NOx, HCl) of fossil-fuel fired power plants.
Three children: Sonia (15), Kevin (10), Stefan (8).


BS 1979 While my career (always at Sandy Hook, 15 miles south of NYC) has taken me away from formal chemical engineering, I have valued the analytical approach and, after all, what is an ocean but a series of (poorly) stirred reactors. A PhD in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers lead me to research ranging from nutrient dynamics to the role of habitat biogeochemistry in structuring fish populations. I serve on the Horseshoe Crab and Lobster Tech Committees of ASMFC, ACS Council, NJ Sea Grant Advisory Committee, and I am the US delegate to the Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment of ICES. I have enjoyed traveling widely and learning languages. My sailing passion included the 1981 Bermuda 1-2 single-handed race. We now sail (and spend as many hours varnishing) a Herreshoff H-28. In 1982 I married a wildlife naturalist. With Will and Alec (twins 2003), we live in a Wright house in Hartshorne Woods, seemingly light-years further away than the actual score of mile it is to NYC.

BS 1931
MS 1933

(Unable to attend) After getting his masters at Madison, Pierce went on to teach chemical engineering for 5 years at the university. as it was during the depression, his salary went down every year. Thus he went to work for Wisconsin Public Service. He worked there for 36 years, ending his career ad vice president. Pierce was President of Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers and the President of the National society of Professional Engineers. In this capacity he visited almost every state representing the organization. Pierce now lives in Colorado close to his daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

MS 1971
PHD 1973

I took early retirement in Jan. 2005 after 28 years with Conoco Chemicals in Houston, TX and its successor companies Vista Chemicals and Sasol Ltd. (South Africa). I had a great career in raw materials purchasing, and project/business planning & development, which was enhanced by much international travel in Europe and Asia, including a 2-year assignment in Tokyo.
I am now a consultant and living in New York City (I welcome all visitors). I have 2 grown sons – one in NYC and the other in California.
Thank G-d I still am blessed with good health, life, family and work (hopefully in that order) and will continue to be so until I run out of gas (hopefully not money). Speaking of gas, I recall that my last purchase in Madison in August ’73 by the Brat House (?) was ~30 ct/gal. This August ’05 … $2.33???

PhD 1961

Left UW fall of '59 with one 6-month old son and moved to State College, PA. Started teaching at Penn State immediately in Stoichiometry, but had not done any part of my dissertation. In fact, I was still doing lab work the day before we left. I was informed that my advisor, Dr. O A Hougen, was retiring in 1961 and moving to Sweden. So, I finished my dissertation and got my degree Spring '61. Trudie got MS in history in '60.
My wife, Trudie, and I were married in 1953 and since then we had four sons. Jonathan is Prof of Physics at U. of North Carolina
Peter is a lawyer and a civil servant in Maryland. Steve is Prof of Psychology at UCLA. Ken is a designer with Marriott. So far, one grand daughter and five grand sons.

PhD 1985

I have a low-key job and a busy life. My husband and I have three children. I teach and work on projects part-time at Washington University.

MS 1968
PhD 1971

Fenton-May retired as director of operations development, The Coca-Cola Company, after 30 years; he had also served as president, Coca-Cola China Ltd., from 1986-1993. Today he resides in Atlanta and is Chairman of e*freightrac Holdings BV, Eindhoven, Netherlands. He earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at UW-Madison in 1971 and his B.S. from the University of Edinburgh. He holds memberships in the Society of International Business Fellows, the Institute of Food Technologists, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Hong Kong Club. He serves on various alumni boards and committees of the University of Edinburgh and on the board of the Anti-Prejudice Consortium in Atlanta. He has previously served both as a director and as chair of the Engineering Industrial Liaison Committee of the UW-Madison. Dr. Fenton-May has served as its President of the Fulbright association since June 2003.

BS 1939

After graduation in 1939 was employed by Sinclair Oil testing lubricants in their engine laboratory. Late 1940 enlisted in Army Air Corp, joining new program to train Air Corps engineering officers. After completing Aeronautical Engineering courses at Purdue Univ., was assigned to duty in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Discharged in 1946 and employed by TWA in engineering dept. Retired in 1983 from position as Chief Engineer, Technical Development.

PhD 1986

1986-1990 Exxon Chemical
1990-2000 Rohm and Haas (mostly Japan/China)
2000-2002 Back in US 2 years, tried to survive consulting - bad timing!!
2002-2004 Nov. Atofina - Divisional VP Asia for "Plexiglas"
Nov. 2004-Now VP Asia for MINTEQ, a specialty materials company, based in Shanghai

MS 1953
PhD 1955

Started with Shell Chemical, Houston, Texas. Spent major part of career with IBM, including 3 years with IBM in Paris, France. Since retirement have been doing contract work with Federal Government in homeland security and disaster planning. Currently serving 2 year term on Fairfax Area Commission on Aging. Member, Board of Directors, Lafayette Condominium Association.

PhD 1943
Deborah Gamson attending

Dr. Bernard Gamson was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1917. He spent his formative years there and was determined to be an engineer from an early age.
He received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Amour Institute of Technology (now Illinois Institute of Technology) in 1938, his masters of science in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan in 1939, and a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1943.
He began his career working as a development engineer and director or research and development at Great Lakes Carbon Corporation in Chicago for eleven years.
Dr. Gamson served as manager of the nuclear fuel department for the KAPL division of General Electric Company in New York. In that capacity he participated in the development of the nuclear propulsion systems for the United States submarine fleet.
Dr. Gamson served as director of research and as vice president of Borg-Warner Corporation in Illinois and California in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. He joined the Harvey Aluminum Company in the 1906’s prior to it’s acquisition by Martin Marietta Aluminum Company and vice president of the Martin Marietta Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland. His career as a chemical engineer spanned over sixty years.
Subsequent to his retirement in 1983, he continued as a consultant to the aerospace, aluminum, petrochemical, medical, and other high technology industries. During his career, he built refineries, aluminum plants, and recycling and manufacturing facilities.
Dr. Gamson was an inventor and innovator who held numerous scientific patents in the fields of chemical engineering and nuclear physics. While at Borg – Warner Corporation, he pioneered the use of magnetic resonance imaging in oil well exploration, technology that was adopted years later as a medical diagnostic tool.
Prior to his retirement form Martin Marietta Corporation, he was honored at the University of Wisconsin on Engineer’s Day. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1999.
He devoted much of his time to philanthropic work in his retirement years until his death in 2000.

PhD 1982

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. BSChE UPR Mayagüez. PhD UW ChE 1982.
1982: joined Shell Dev. Co at the Westhollow Technology Center, Houston, TX as an advanced process control research engineer. 1988: research manager of advanced control group & statistics. 1994: tech manager at the Deer Park Chemical plant in various assignments: process control engineering & maintenance, process engineering, process chemistry. 2001: technology manager for PDO and Corterra polymers business in charge of process & product development. ChE university department liaison for Shell and involved in recruiting. Active in the United Methodist Church & Boy Scouts of America. Play guitar & sing in church praise band. Avid baseball fan. Married to Griseida (1981). Have 17 yr old son Enrique who recently became an Eagle Scout and is a senior in high school.

PhD 1989

After receiving my Ph.D. in 1989, under the direction of Prof. Harmon Ray, I began work at the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware. At first, my career at DuPont was focused on polymer process modeling and control systems. In later years, I became involved in research management for a large business unit. I had the opportunity to live in both Geneva, Switzerland and Charlottesville, Virginia, and traveled extensively to Europe and Asia. In 2004, I left DuPont to accept a position at the University of California, Santa Barbara, as Director of Technology for the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies and Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering.

BS 1964

Retired in 1998 from 3M after nearly 35 years of service. Worked in manufacturing management most of the time. Domestic and international assignments in copy products and industrial abrasives. My wife Marty worked 37 years as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. Daughter Dawn works in Orlando for State of Florida as an epidemiologist. Daughter Debbie works in the Twin Cities in Human Resources for Cargill. We are Florida residents living in Pelican Sound in Estero. Summers are spent in Woodbury, MA.

PhD 1978

After graduating fro UW, I spent two years at U. Minn in Minneapolis. In 1979, I moved to Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel where I am presently a Prof. of Chemical Eng. In addition to my position in the department, I served over the years in different administrative positions at the University and at the national level. I am also extensively involved in industrial consulting. My research interests are in the area of polymers and complex fluids.

PhD 1980

I work at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a member of the Technical Staff. My research activities involve numerical, theoretical, and experimental aspects of the rheology of multiphase systems. I am married and have two sons. I enjoy skiing, taekwondo, and hiking.

PhD 1992

Married to Paul Kolosick (PhD'92) since 1989. Have two great kids - Matthew (10) and Joshua (7).

BS 1954
PhD 1957

Retired from the faculty of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. Reside half the year in West Lafayette, IN and half in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

MS 1968
PhD 1975

Roger Harrison received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma (1967) and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1968 and 1975). Between his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, he worked at Chevron in process design and engineering in California. After his Ph.D., he worked at Upjohn Company in Michigan and in biotechnology R&D at Phillips Petroleum Company in Oklahoma. He joined the faculty of the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1988. He is first author with three coauthors of the textbook Bioseparations Science and Engineering, published by Oxford University Press in 2003. His research at the University of Oklahoma has focused on the engineering, expression, and purification of recombinant proteins produced in Escherichia coli bacteria. His current research is concentrated on recombinant proteins for cancer and cardiovascular applications.

MS 1967
PhD 1972

Tom has worked with MICRO-CERAMICS, Inc. for over thirty years, with technical materials experience in research, development and pilot manufacturing operations. Prior to joining MICRO-CERAMICS, Tom was the Director of Research and Development at Precision Materials Group of OSRAM Sylvania in Towanda, Pennsylvania. He has been involved in plant activities leading to ISO certification and currently has the overall responsibility for plant operations.

BS 1936

 I was born February 16, 1914 in Tacoma, WA, the city "with the aroma." After growing up in Iowa I attended Madison West High School, living with my brother Prof. Olaf Hougen. I then proceeded on to UW majoring in chemical engineering graduating with a degree in chemical engineering in 1936. Graduate years were spent at the U. of Minnesota and U. of Illinois, receiving a PhD in chemical engineering from the U. of Minnesota in 1948. A wonderful 65 year marriage to Alma began in Iowa and ended upon her death in December of 2003 in Austin, TX. As a result of this marriage, 4 children were born: Kathryn of Austin, TX, Thomas (MD) of Potomac, MD, Martha (PhD) of Austin, TX and Stephen (MD) of Victoria, TX. Subsequently, the grandchildren and great grandchildren arrived. My career was equally divided among teaching, industry, and consulting. Currently I am retired as Professor emeritus in the Chemical Engineering Dept. at the University of Texas and reside in Austin.

BS 1950

1950-1965: Development of Naval Nuclear Reactors (H. C. Rickover, Washington D.C.)
1965-1969: U.S. Senior Scientific Representative (Development of early European Nuclear Plants. Brussels, Belgium).
1969-1978: Senior Rep. for AEC, ERDA, and DOE. Breeder Reactor Development at Westinghouse. Waltz Mill, PA.
1978-1987: Madison, WI. Director of Advanced Technologies and Nuclear Affairs for Wis. Power and Light Co.

PhD 1980

Klavs F. Jensen is the Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to 1989, he was a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. His research interests revolve around microfabrication, testing, and integration of microsystems for chemical and biological discovery, synthesis and processing. Chemical kinetics and transport phenomena related to processing of material for biomedical, electronic and optical applications are also topics of interest. He is the recipient several awards, including the Allan P. Colburn, Charles C. M Stine, and R.H. Wilhelm Awards of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Klavs and Chris were married in Madison while students and live in Lexington, MA with two sons.

BS 1974

After graduation, I joined UOP in Des Plaines, ILL as a process engineer. Spent six years working in different countries in refinery start ups and operations- as an engineer. Returned to Des Plaines in "82 joined marketing to be a sales representative My market area was the Gulf Cooperative Council. In 1987, I left the UOP to Join the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. "96 had the opportunity to buy technology for Paramount Capital. Paramount taught me how to start up and finance new companies. I was involved in five new company start ups at Paramount- both in the U.S. and overseas. I left Paramount to be an angel investor in new companies. Invested in aver a dozen companies in Europe and the U.S. In "04 I completed a private placement for a local start up and decided to start the first Wisconsin Venture Capital Fund focused on seed investments. The fund closed in January of this year-have made three investments in new companies.

MS 1970
PhD 1973

Ko Higashitani graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan in 1968. He worked on Hole Pressure Error Viscoelastic Fluids as Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. A. S. Lodge in Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. After he received a Ph.D degree in 1973, he moved to Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, as an assistant professor, and then became a full professor in 1983. He joined Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University in 1992. His major research interests now are in the kinetic stability of colloidal particles in solutions, such as coagulation, breakup, adhesion, detachment of particles in fluids, slurry kinetics, etc. Especially, he is interested in how the microstructure of particle surface is correlated with interaction forces between particles and the macroscopic behavior as particles and suspensions.


BS 1958 After graduating from UW after the summer lab in 1958, I began working for Amoco Chemicals Corporation in Chicago at their Tech Service Lab. I soon decided that I was more interested in an academic career and returned to UW in the fall of 1959 as a graduate student in the Chemistry Department. I completed the requirements for the Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry/Crystallography in January of 1965 working with Professor Larry Dahl of that department. I then spent the next two years as a post-doc at Brookhaven National Laboratory studying crystal and molecular structure with Dr. Walter Hamilton using X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques. Following the post-doc, I joined the faculty of the State University of New York College at Corland in February 1967 where I taught chemistry for approximately 17 years and then physics for the next 17. In December 2000, I retired, but I continue to teach part-time at the College during the fall semesters. While in graduate school I married Sharon Bell Klanderman, a then graduate student in Clinical Psychology (B.B.A '58, M.S. '63). We have three children and currently three grandchildren.


BS 1951 Married Lorna Boettcher of Kaukauna, WI on 19 Sept., 1953. Two children and four grandchildren (one at UW-Madison). Served an ROTC Commission in 1950 at 2nd Lt. in Corps. Of Engineers and served Reserve Duty from 1951-1963 in the 291st Engr. Combat Bn. and 884th FABN.
Worked for Kimberly-Clark, Neenah, WI for 37 years: 1951-1988 as Engineer – Sr. Project Engineer, primarily in the pulp and paper industry. Major involvement was in pulp mills, wherein engineering functions involved new mill projects with specification, design, procurement and overall technical control, construction and operations follow-up, training (operations and engineering). In other words, the professional career featured all aspects of what chemical engineering entailed at the time of my engineering education one-half century ago. UW Engineering gave me a solid base for a satisfying engineering career.
Has lived or worked in Neenah and Niagara, WI, Canada, provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick, Northern California, Mexico, Mexico City and States of Chihuahua, Michoacan, and Veracruz. (Mexico received periods of major attention from 1956-1986). Retired in 1988, living in Neenah, WI. Major hobbies include: Ballroom dancing, Gardening, Golf, Writing, with focus on family history and contemporary local Neenah history, Travel (UW Alumni tours are great), Companionship with Lorna, Christian ministry in the study and proclamation of God’s word.

MS 1960
PhD 1962

DuPont Research Engineer; ChE faculty, Catholic U. of America; Visiting Professor and Chairman of ChE, National Taiwan U.; Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Lecturer, National Biomedical Research Foundation, Georgetown U. Medical Center; Program Director, Division Director for Chemical and Process Engineering and for Engineering Education and Centers, National Science Foundation; NSF representative to multi-agency (USG) Technology Reinvestment Project; Author of “Transport Phenomena in Medicine and Biology” (Wiley-Interscience, 1975); Fellow of AIChE; Senior Engineering Fellow, UNESCO International Committee on Engineering Education; Keynote or principal speaker at international engineering education conferences and workshops; Consultant and evaluator or international research and education enterprises; Recipient of Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award of United States Senior Executive Service.

BS 1972

I graduated in 1972. [I took Ch.E. 320 Transport Phenomena from Professor Bird]. I was a foreign student from Hong Kong. My full name is Kwok-Cheung Gerald Liu. I am now working as an instrument engineer for Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Alberta, CA. I have two kids who are attending University. They did not come on this trip. Only my wife (Katherine Chan) comes with me. She has never been to UW-Madison before.


BS 1981 Laura Lukaczyk is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Avansis Ventures, LLC. Since its founding in June 2000, Avansis has invested in Cogino, Ecutel, Exent, and iPhotonics (NYSE: SLR). Laura has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial and venture capital experience.

PhD 1981

Exxon Corporate Research, 1981-1986
University at Buffalo, 1986 - present
Currently professor and department chair


BS 1948 Joined the Navy in June, 1944 upon graduation from Mankato, MN High School. Came to UW Madison in November, 1945 as a member of the Navy's V-12 Program. Upon discharge from the Navy, cancelled previous plans to attend university of Minnesota and returned to Madison. The attractions were the beautiful campus, the excellent Chemical Engineering Program, and Kay Kannenberg (MA 1948) my bride-to-be...and not necessarily in that order of importance. Graduated in June, 1948 (BS ChE) and went to work for the 3M Company where I spent my entire career, primarily in manufacturing operations. Retired in May, 1991 as Staff VP Corporate Quality and Manufacturing Services. Kay and I were married in October, 1949 - two children and four grandchildren later we're all doing fine and no one is in jail. Kay and I divide out time between Minnesota and Arizona and remain active with, and loyal to, the University of Wisconsin.

Hougen Visiting Professor 1994

Professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague.

BS 1942
MS 1947
PhD 1950

Native of Madison, WI, 1918. After UW, attended 3 graduate school of business short courses and one accelerated course in phase equilibrium at U Mich. Hold professional memberships in AAAS; ACE; AIChE; AIC; and American Gas Association. Listed in American Men and Women of Science; Who’s Who in Finance and Industry; Who’s Who in Technology Today.
Retired in 1983 after 16 years at Consolidated Natural Gas Service Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 16 years at Universal Oil Products Co., Des Plaines, IL, one year at American Cyanamid Co., Bound Brook, NJ, and one year as a Gulf Oil Fellow, and 3 years as Instructor of Chemical Engineering, both at UW.
Edited one book and authored three book chapters on subjects in coal gasification. Issued 22 U.S. Patents dealing principally with process and apparatus used in the gas and petroleum industries. About a dozen foreign patents were issued on these same technologies. Participated in numerous panel discussions, advisory board meetings, lectures, conference and symposium chairmanships, manuscript reviewer for publication, etc. Civic Activities include career conferences, jury duties, board of trustee duties, member of Rotary Club, Business Advisors of Cleveland, Retirement Community Resident Association, etc. Have served in many capacities, including chairmanships, vice presidencies, and presidencies.

MS 1955
PhD 1958

I worked for several different companies in the Forest Products Industry eventually retiring from Champion International. Most of my involvement was in process development and implementation. I married Jeannine in 1953 and we have three children and five grandkids.

BS 1947

From 1947-1953 worked for Foster Wheeler Co., attaining the position of process supervisor dealing with petrochemicals. From 1953-1986 worked for the Scientific Design Co., which developed and sold petrochemical processes. Was Project Manager, Director of Project Engineering and in charge of foreign projects. This involved a great deal of travel: Europe, including communist countries, Asia, Latine and North America. In Asia, I lived in Japan, Korea, China, and India. From 1987-2002 worked as a consultant, which also involved a great deal of travel.

PhD 1948

1948 -1950 DuPont - Engineering Research
1950 - 1960 Amoco - Engineering Research
1960-1984 Amoco - Information Services
Beginning in 1951, pioneered in the use of computers in chemical engineering industrial application.
At time of retirement, had world-wide corporate responsibility for the selection of new computing equipment.


BS 1948 As Corporate VP for Reynolds, was instrumental in bringing aluminum cans to the beer and soft drink industry, including the patented stay-on-tab. Prior to that VP at Libby, McNeil and Libby.

BS 1956

Since graduation, Stuart Randa, worked for the E.I. duPont de Nemours Co., Inc. for 44 years in research, technical sales, direct field sales, and in plant technical. Mr. Randa holds 16 United States patents on the different aspects of Teflon® Plastic. Since retiring, his LLC firm consults in plastics and on the Weibull Distribution Function.

PhD 1984

Greg Raupp (advisor Jim Dumesic) is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Arizona State University. Over the course of his career he has been an active researcher in photocatalytic reaction engineering, biocompatible “smart” coatings, microelectronics, and flexible electronics and displays. In Spring 1999 he was appointed Associate Dean for Research in Engineering, and in Fall 2002 he was promoted to Associate Vice President for Research. During his three year term as Associate Dean the college enjoyed a 60% growth in research. In his VP role he was responsible for crafting and managing ASU’s multimillion dollar research investment portfolio spanning all focus areas of the university. In February 2004 he became the Director for the new Flexible Display Center, which was created by a $43.7 million federal award, the largest in ASU’s history. In his spare time, Greg enjoys playing hockey year-round with his adult team, the “Ice Dragons”, winner of 3 of the last 5 league championships.

PhD 1989

After graduation, I moved to Princeton and have been there ever since. Now Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director, Princeton Center for Complex Materials. Married Jean Tom (now Director, Chemical Engineering R&D, Merck Research Labs) in 1989. Two kids: Jeffrey (now 9) and Keith (now 5).

MS 1961
PhD 1965

Born in Seattle, WA on November 7, 1937. I attended Seattle public schools and Roosevelt High school graduating in 1955. I attended U. Washington in Seattle and graduated with B.S. in Chem. Engr. In June 1959. I went to graduate school at U. Wisconsin on NSF Fellowship where I obtained M.S. degree in 1961 and Ph.D in chemical engr. in 1965 under direction of Prof. W.E. Stewart. I took job in 1965 with Chevron Research Com. in Richmond, CA as Research Engr. and worked in process design and Process Research Dept. I taught chemical engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO for two years (1972-1974). I returned to Chevron Research and Tech. Co. in June 1974 where I worked for another 23 years. I've been married to Judy for 45 years. We have 3 married daughters and 7 grandchildren. My current interests and hobbies are music, singing, golf, hiking, and skiing. We have a cabin in the mountains at Truckee, CA and enjoy some foreign travel.

PhD 1961

Retired from Chevron after 30 years in downstream research and business activities. Since then, I've concentrated on travel and hiking in various parts of the world. The brain may be liquefying, but the legs remain strong.

BS 1953
MS 1954
PhD 1956

Weyerhaeuser Company Research Division 1956 to 1985. Research Director, Paper Products 1973 to 1985. Consultant 1985 to 1995. University of Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation emeritus. Married to Carol, 4 children, 12 grandchildren, 1 great grandson.

BS 1970

Spent first 15 years of my career in various engineering and sales positions with Zimpro, Inc. I then spent about 20 years as VP of Operations for Ross Incineration Services and am now back at US Filter Zimpro Systems.

BS 1965
MS 1966
PhD 1974

Robert Schaefer has served in a variety of managerial positions during the past 31 years at Amoco Oil and BP in Research & Development, Administrative Services, Marketing Research, and the Regulatory & Advocacy Group. As Regulatory Issues Manager in BP Global Fuels Technology for the past 15 years, he provides guidance to the business units, as well as the Legal Group, regarding interpretation of and compliance with federal and state fuels regulations. A parallel responsibility involves the advocacy of reasonable, workable regulatory requirements for federal and state government fuels rules.
During 1989, Robert was a Fellow in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). As Senior Policy Analyst, he had responsibilities in the International Affairs and Global Competitiveness areas of OSTP. Specific assignments included: (1) implementation of the U.S.-Japan Bilateral Science and Technology Agreement, and (2) joint determination of U.S. access to the European Community government-funded research and development programs.
Before completing his Ph.D., Robert was a Research Associate at the Technical University of Munich for three years. Active in the American Petroleum Institute (API), he chairs the API Test Methodologies Work Group. He also chairs the ASTM Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Inter-lab Crosscheck Program. He is a member of the EPA Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee.

PhD 1989

NATO-NSF Postdoc in Freiburg, Germany 1989-90
Postdoc at McGill University, Montreal 1990-91
Assistant Professor, University of Houston 1991-95
Assistant to Full Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology 1995 – present
Visiting Faculty at:
    ETH-Zurich, Switzerland;
    TU-Delft, The Netherlands;
    IPN-Mexico City;
    Nagoya University, Japan

BS 1949
MS 1950

In addition to his UW degrees, John holds an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MA in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. He retired from the USMC in 1970 and from DMIA in 1987. He has been a cow/calf farmer since 1976 in Warrenton, VA.

BS 1986

~Graduated from University of Minnesota in 1990 with a Ph.D. in Chem Eng.
~Joined Shell Chemical Company R&D in Houston, Texas in 1990. Worked in process research and development on new and existing manufacturing processes until 1998.
~Transferred to Shell Research Centre in Amsterdam in 1998 to lead global technology development and implementation project.
 ~Returned to Shell R&D in 2000 as manager of KRATON Polymers Process R&D group in Houston.
~Joined Kraton Polymers LLC (Shell divestment) as Manager of Process R&D in 2001 until late 2002.
~Late 2002 Joined Abbott Laboratories Chicago. Currently Department Manager of the Process Engineering in the Diagnostics Division.

PhD 1981

As one of Dr. W. Harmon Ray’s first UW grad students in 1981, I started in chem. engin. process R&D at GE Corp. R&D at Schenectady, New York. I did polymerization computer process simulation and optimization work and guided bench scale and pilot scale polymerization experiments. I currently live in Greenwood, Indiana south of Indianapolis and do waste processing facility application evaluations for the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management. I met my wife, Linda, who also worked for GE in New York. We have been married 22 years. Our son, Henry, is a sophomore in mechanical engineering at Purdue University and our Daughter, Susanne, will be a freshman there in chemical engineering in the fall. Susanne excelled at Center Grove high School graduating 4th out of 423 students and helped lead the winter guard to be state champions. We have enjoyed hiking and camping at Glacier and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

BS 1953

After graduation I fulfilled my ROTC commitment by studying and teaching chemical and biological warfare at The US Army Chemical Corps School; then a few years of graduate study at Yale and at the Delft Technical University in The Netherlands; and then five years at various entities within the Shell family of companies and five years at Union Carbide.
Thereafter I changed my job description from chemical engineer to entrepreneur and devoted my efforts to the establishment of a specialty chemical distribution company and to the development and exploitation of a few patents.
As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, I am reminded of the first sentence of Shakespeare's Sonnet 104:

"To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still."

BS 1951

Attended the Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton, WI for one year. Then transferred to the University of Illinois and received MS in chemical engineering in 1953. Spent two years in the US Army and returned to Illinois, receiving PhD in 1957. Joined the faculty at Princeton and after 31 years there became dean of engineering at Illinois. Retired in 2001 and moved back to Princeton. Now spend part time in Singapore as senior advisor to the president of the National University of Singapore.

BS 1972

Summer Eng ’72 Proctor and Gamble Bounce Fabric Softener
Fall ’72 to Dec ’77 University of Texas at Austin. MS ’74 Kinetics, chemicals from agricultural, PhD ’77 flammability and polymers;
1978-85 Atlantic Richfield, synfuels, oil shale, in-situ coal gasification, coal preparation and upgrading. Also Prudhoe Bay Facilities group (16 months);
1985-98 Gas Research Institute, Chicago. Research and Project Management. Production of Natural Gas from coal, hydraulic fracturing, technology transfer (professional papers, reports, symposia, forums);
1999-2002 Teaching chemistry, 3 Chicago area colleges. Chemistry instructor at UW Whitewater 2000-present
Other notes: 3 generations have graduated from UW Chem E. dept. Father (Francis (Pat)) ’50, myself ’72, and son Peter 2002; Married 32 years to Pat Kasten (UW 72’). Pat works from EPA region 6 Chicago. Active in various professional organizations. Volunteer for local job placement organization. Lector and Eucharistic Minister.

BS 1964

I am married to Judy Seborg and have two adult daughters. Judy is a retired kindergarten and nursery school teacher. We enjoy living in Santa Barbara and traveling around the world. My bio sketch follows.
Dale E. Seborg is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph.D. degree from Princeton University. Before joining UCSB, he taught at the University of Alberta for nine years. He has served as the Department Chair at UCSB and is currently the Vice Chair.
Dr. Seborg has published over 190 articles on process control & related topics, and is the co-author of a widely used textbook, Process Dynamics and Control, 2nd ed. (2004), with Tom Edgar (UT-Austin) and Duncan Mellichamp (UCSB). Dr. Seborg is the recipient, or co-recipient, of several national teaching and research awards.


PhD 1982 I left Madison in 1982 and joined Union Carbide Corporation's Carbon Products Division in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been in the carbon and graphite business since then. In the last 23 years, I have been in many different aspects of the business: R&D, production, customer technical services, sales and marketing, and business unit management. It has been a very challenging and rewarding experience.

PhD 1981

Married to Mary Katherine (a.k.a. "MK"), a native Texan, and loyal Texas A&M "Aggie" (BA and MS) who has taken early retirement from primary education to raise 3 rescued dogs (Ginger, Pepper and Nutmeg a.k.a. "the Spice Girls"). Current hobbies include bicycling, kayaking, hiking, wine tasting and losing golf balls. We live in the northern part of the San Francisco Bay area on the north shore of the Carquinez Strait, 30 minutes south of Napa.
2001 - Present: Chevron Technology Marketing Department - hydroprocessing catalysts and technologies, clean fuels technologies. Market analysis and development, technical service management.
1986 - 2001: Shell and Shell subsidiaries (Criterion Catalysts, CRI). Catalyst sales management, technical services management, business management.
1983 - 1986: Shell Development, hydroprocessing catalysis R&D.
1981 - 1983: Carnegie-Mellon University, Assistant Professor
MBA from Texas A&M University

PhD 1970

I have been with Eastman for 33 years where my areas of interest still include chemical process synthesis, computer-aided conceptual process engineering, engineering design theory and methodology, chemical process development and technology assessment, resource conservation and recovery, sustainable development and growth, artificial intelligence, non-numeric computer programming, and chemical engineering education.
I am an international program evaluator and past engineering accreditation commissioner for ABET, a trustee and past president of CACHE, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and the 2005 President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Sharon and I have two kids, John who just received his PhD in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon, and Jennifer who received her ME from Notre Dame and teaches in South Central Los Angeles.

BS 1959

Retired from 3M Company, 1998, after 34 years working in division labs on Industrial Tapes, Scotchply Reinforced Plastic, and Scotchlite Glass Micorpsphere businesses.

BS 1959

Registered professional engineer. Thirty year Texas oil business. Now investor and public service. Election judge, precinct chairman, community trustee, and delegate to Republican State Convention. BBA-University of Wisconsin 1961; MS Finance- University of Houston 2001, Phi Kappa Phi.
U.S. Marine Corps. World Quadrathon Title: run, bike, swim, and bench press. Triathlon Olympic contender. Swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco; swam across the Columbia River at Hood River Oregon. Hiked up Pike's Peak. 70 Senior Olympic Medals. Year 2005 bench pressed 315#. Four children.

BS 1988

Stephen Spiegelberg is the co-founder and president of Cambridge Polymer Group. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UW-Madison, and received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from MIT. During post-doctoral positions at Harvard University and MIT, Stephen worked with NASA to design and construct an extensional rheometer that was launched on an unmanned sounding rocket to investigate microgravity processing of polymeric materials. In 1996, he founded Cambridge Polymer Group with two partners, a contract research laboratory in Boston. Cambridge Polymer Group provides research support in biomedical devices, adhesives and resins, patent litigation, and consumer products. Stephen is an inventor on several pending and published patents. He lives in Winchester, MA with his girlfriend Denise and their two dachshunds.

BS 1953
MS 1958
PhD 1961

Kimberly-Clark Corp. 1953-1956
Weyerhauser Fellow - USDA, Forest Service, Forest Products Lab
Fulbright Fellow in Finland Central Laboratory of the Pulp & Paper Industry 1961-1962
Research chemical engineer USDA, Forest Service, Forest Products Lab 1962-1998.
Now retired.

PhD 1988

Kathy and I have two boys, Matt, age 11, and Kelly, age 15. I worked for Dow Chemical for 10 years and then moved to Chicago where I work for UOP. I have stayed close to my thesis research and am now leading a group that develops reactor models for UOP’s refining and petrochemical processes.

PhD 1986

Ruth Stock transitioned from Chemical Engineering to a career in business management in 1993. She specializes in enterprise integration and business-to-business electronic communications throughout supply chain and in customer service. She earned her Masters in Business Administration degree from Cleveland State University in 2004. She is currently employed by the Department of Customer Service at the United States Postal Service. Previous employers and clients include: General Motors Research Laboratories, Wayne State University, BASF, Ernst and Young, Accenture, Lubrizol, International Management Group (IMG), Amoco, LTV Steel, Home Depot, and Microsoft. Ruth has three daughters. Melinda and Jasmine (twins) graduated high school this June and will begin college in August. Vivian begins 11th grade in September.

MS 1959
PhD 1964

Research: USAF Aerospace; The Dow Chemical Co. - Synthetic Fuels; Exxon Research & Engineering Co. - Synthetic Fuels;
Teaching: Virginia Polytechnic Institute; UMO-Columbia; Stephen F. Austin Senior High School, Houston;
Marriage: 43years, 3 children, 4 grandchildren
Retirement: 1997; Northeastern Germany, Houston

PhD 1987

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town and Ph.D degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1987). Worked thereafter for a short stint at Simulation Sciences Inc. in Fullerton, California before joining the University of Cape Town as a faculty member in 1989. Relocated to Canada in 2000 as a faculty member at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Research interests are in the general area of process systems engineering with emphasis on process modeling, optimization, control, and numerical computation.

PhD 1943
Dianne Thodos attending

I am the widow of the late Dr. George Thodos, class of 1943. Dr. Thodos was mentored by Dr. Olaf Hougen and took his doctorate from him. He loved his years at Madison and enjoyed winter sports. After working for Pure Oil and Phillips Petroleum, Dr. Thodos began a brilliant academic career in 1947 at Northwestern University - Evanston, IL. He was a Murphy Professor and chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department until his retirement in 1986 as Professor Emeritus. He died Feb. 29, 2000, in Washington, D.C. I'm here to memorialize and to honor his memory.

BS 1956

Chemical Engineer
Chemstrand Corporation, Pensacola Fl. 56-61
Air Products and Chemicals West Palm Beach Fl. 61-63
UW Law School 63-66 J.D.
Xerox Corporation, Rochester, N.Y., London, Dallas, 66-85
IBM Boca Raton Fl. 85-2004

BS 1978

I have been a professor at Northwestern University since 1983. I am currently Director of the Materials Research Center and have appointments in both the Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering. My research interests are related to polymers, nanocomposites, and nanoscale materials. I enjoy traveling, reading, film, current events.

MS 1959

Annelies and I have been married for over 20 years now. From previous marriages we have 7 children and almost 16 grandchildren. Annelies has worked as a counselor on a high school and is now concentrating on chamber music (piano), painting and playing golf as long as grandchildren don't require her company. I myself had after retirement some Board memberships and I was president of KIVI-Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands - for 6 years. I continue to be on the Board of the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organization that decides on accreditation of educational curricula of all Universities of higher professional schools in the Netherlands and Flanders. Accreditation is a condition for receiving government financing and the right to provide the title of Bachelor and Master. We have a little house in the south of France, near Nimes, where the climate is better than here (summers like Madison, winters very mild). Working in the garden, playing golf with French friends and enjoying the historic cities in the area keep us busy during about 6 vacations per year. We travel per TGV (high speed train), which is comfortable, reliable, and not expensive.

BS 1967

As Chief of the Biotechnology Division or the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, I oversee NIST's activities directed toward developing the measurement infrastructure necessary to advance the commercialization and application of biotechnology. Recently, I was appointed to the position of Assistant to the Director of Biosystems and Health, with responsibility for coordinating the development of NIST's expertise in the physical and chemical measurement sciences to many compelling measurement needs in quantitative biology. Prior to joining NIST in 1996, I was on the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCLA (1976-1996) where I served as Department Chair (1989-1991), and had been awarded a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to the Agriculture University, Wageningen, The Netherlands (1984-1985). I received a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 1976.

BS 1951

Chemical Engineer in class of 1951. Married to wife, Betty, two children, three grandchildren. Worked in paper industry for 48 years. Forest Products Lab, Madison, two years; Green Bay Packaging, 39 years (18 years as Project Engineer and 21 years as Technical Director). Senior Process Consultant, Hoffman Environmental Systems, 7 years. 1954-56 U.S. Army as Electronic Technician, Carswell Air Force Base, Texas.

BS 1967

After graduating from UW-Madison in 1967 (BSChE), I entered graduate school at the University of Illinois-Urbana and earned a Master of Science (1969) and a Ph.D (1972) in Chemical Engineering. Tom Hanratty was my major professor and my thesis work was in the area of fluid mechanics. Having been in Army ROTC at UW-Madison, I served as a Lieutenant in the UW Army Chemical Corps at Fort McClellan, Alabama after completing my graduate studies. My next position was that of a research process engineer in the Textile Fibers Department at DuPont (Seaford, DE). I next came back to within a mile of the Chemical Engineering Department when I took a job with the USDA Forest Service Products Laboratory (FPL) in Madison (1997). I have been there ever since. At FPL, I was a research engineer, project leader, and now occupy a position as Assistant Director. I live in Madison with my wife Judy and have two adult children who now live in Kansas City.

MS 1958
PhD 1961

Married with two married daughters and five grandchildren whom we see often. Taught at McMaster for 36 years. Currently writing texts and researching family history.

PhD 2004

Ye received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from MIT in 1999. He then pursued his graduate studies under the guidance of Prof. Manos Mavrikakis at UW-Madison, where he used Density Functional Theory-based first principles calculations to study the interaction between oxygen and transition metal surfaces in the context of heterogeneous catalysis. Ye graduated in 9/2004 and is investigating the reactivity of oxide-supported metal clusters at ORNL.

PhD 1985

I did my PhD research under Bob Bird. Dave Yarusso and I were married after our first year of grad school. We have 3 children, Sandy, Tony, and Becky.
I worked for five years at General Mills in Minnesota, mostly in the Physical Testing Lab. After General Mills, my career was an overlapping patchwork. I consulted with the H.B. Fuller Co., in process engineering. George Bateson steered me to ten-years (off and on) of teaching the Unit Ops lab at the U. of Minn. and inspired me to get my Prof. Engineering license. I taught a short course in rheology, “Rheology Basics,” about 30 times, mostly at 3M. I was an assistant professor at the Univ. of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. for 3 semesters.
My latest venture is teaching high school chemistry and physics at Hill-Murray School. Dave and I also keep busy with Boy Scouts and Habitat for Humanity, and enjoying time with our lively young adults.

PhD 1983

My wife, Barb, and I met as undergraduates at the University of Minnesota and both came to UW/Madison Department of Chemical Engineering for graduate school. She did her PhD research under Bob Bird while I worked for Stuart Cooper. We were often referred to as the “Minnesota Twins” by some of the faculty members. We got married after our first year in Wisconsin.
I received my PhD in 1983 and came to work at 3M where I am still working. Over the years I have managed to resist moving into management and am currently a Division Scientist with the Commercial Graphics Division.
We have three children, a 20 year old daughter, Sandy, majoring in theater at the U. of Minn, an 18 year old son, Tony, who is headed for Trent University in Ontario to study in their education program, and a 15 year old daughter, Becky. I think perhaps having two engineers for parents overdosed them on science so that they are choosing alternate career paths!

BS 1943
MS 1947

November 1943 to June 1944 - Sharpless Chemical, Wyandotte, MI
June 1944 to September 1946 - U.S. Navy
September 1946 to November 1947 - Univ. of Wisconsin, MS Degree
November 1947 to June 1953 - DuPont - Linden, NJ
July 1953 to December 1956 - C.V. Braun - Alhambra, CA
December 1956 to September 1972 - DuPont - Wilmington, DE, Newburgh, NY, Old Hickory, TN and back to Wilmington, DE
September 1972 to April 1987 - The Kendall Co., Boston, MA